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Your Zee.Dog Wholesaler in the UK!

Step into the exciting world of Zee.Dog, where innovation meets passion, and your furry friends become part of a vibrant community. PAWS Wholesale is now the exclusive distributor of Zee.Dog in the UK, and is excited to make it that much easier for you to get your hands on their amazing range of products like Flyharnesses, Hands-Free Leashes, Ruff Leashes and many more unique products exclusively by Zee.Dog.

We wanted to share a bit about us and delve into the Zee.Dog ethos and how PAWS Wholesale aims to bring this breath of fresh air to pet shops, veterinary clinics, groomers, and all dog-centred retailers.

Connecting Dogs and People: At its core, Zee.Dog's mission is to connect dogs and people. The brand is dedicated to making the lives of both dogs and their owners cooler and more enjoyable. Zee.Dog designs products that go beyond functionality – they are expressions of a lifestyle, enhancing the bond between you and your furry companion.

The Zee.Dog Origin Story:
Picture a small, messy studio in Los Angeles – the birthplace of Zee.Dog. Inspired by their own dogs, Zeca and Lico, the two Brazillian founders sought accessories that resonated with their style and identity. Disappointed by the lack of unique and recognizable brands in the pet industry, they decided to change the game.

Walking into pet shops felt like entering a world of mundane, lifeless products – a stark contrast to the vibrant personalities of our beloved dogs. The founders questioned the sad reality of an industry dominated by huge corporations pushing out uninspired products. The conventional supply chain, from manufacturers to distributors to pet shops, lacked the connection between brands and end clients.

Creating a Community: 
Zee.Dog set out to break the mold. Dog accessories, often treated as mere commodities, were transformed into products of expression, reflecting the lifestyle of dog owners. The brand saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between what people want and what the pet industry offers. Zee.Dog emerged as a community-driven brand, challenging the status quo and welcoming dog lovers worldwide to join the family.

Designing for Dogs and You: 
The brand's journey started with a necessity – the need for pet products that align with contemporary trends and the desires of pet owners. Zee.Dog follows the latest trends and designs products with a deep understanding of what people seek. No more settling for the least ugly option on the shelf – Zee.Dog offers a range of accessories that celebrate the extension of your lifestyle, just like your favourite pair of jeans or watch.

The Zee.Dog Difference:
Zee.Dog stands out by doing things differently. By staying attuned to trends and actively engaging with a global community of dog lovers, the brand ensures its products are not only functional but also reflective of your unique style. From hands-free leashes to the popular fly harnesses, the NEO pro line of waterproof dog gear, and toys like Mr. X, Cyclops, Ruff Leashes, and Zee.Dog has redefined the pet product landscape.

Exciting New Releases:
PAWs Wholesale, as the exclusive distributor in the UK, is thrilled to present Zee.Dog's super exciting new releases. Explore the Naturals Dog Wear Range, where style meets sustainability, and indulge your furry friends with enrichment toys designed to engage and entertain.

PAWS Wholesale and Zee.Dog Partnership:
Now, with PAWS Wholesale taking the reins as the exclusive distributor in the UK, the accessibility of Zee.Dog products has reached a new level. The online portal at provides a hassle-free way for pet shops, veterinary clinics, groomers, and retailers to explore and purchase Zee.Dog's innovative offerings include their top-selling products and exciting new releases. With a commitment to swift order fulfilment and next-business-day delivery, PAWS Wholesale ensures that the Zee.Dog experience is as delightful for retailers as it is for their customers.

As we wrap up this journey into the world of Zee.Dog and the exciting partnership with PAWS Wholesale in the UK, we invite you to become a part of this community. Unlock the full spectrum of Zee.Dog's top-selling products and thrilling new releases by creating an account on our user-friendly online portal at This will grant you exclusive access to pricing, seamless purchasing, and a curated selection of accessories that go beyond the ordinary.

Our commitment to providing exceptional service goes beyond expectations. If you have questions about pricing, are eager to explore the latest launches, or are interested in arranging a personalized meeting? Reach out to us – we are a small and dedicated team (at the moment, it is just me - Anna, and my partner Ben), and we are here to assist you every step of the way. Drop us a line at, and let's em-bark (excuse the pun!) on this exciting journey together.

Join us in celebrating the unique bond between dogs and their owners, and let Zee.Dog and PAWS Wholesale redefine the pet industry experience in the UK. We can't wait to welcome you into our community of dog lovers and retailers who dare to be different. Get ready for a paw-sitively amazing adventure!

Create an account, explore, and reach out – your journey with Zee.Dog starts here. 🐾

Warm Welcome, 

Anna and the PAWS Wholesale Team