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Slip-N-Lock | Gotham, All Products, Leashes

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The Gotham Slip-N-Lock dog rope leash combines a collar and leash into one adjustable, easy-to-use piece. Use one of the adjustable rubber sliders to get the best fit around your dog's neck. The other rubber slider locks the position and ensures the neck loop of the leash stays in place throughout your walk.

Great for use during training, for difficult-to-train dogs, and for dogs adjusting to a collar or regular leash. Soft, pliable polyester rope, one size fits all.

Full Length: 4.9 ft


** Length** : 4.9 ft (150 cm)


  • Combines leash and collar in one
  • One of the adjustable rubber sliders can be used to get the optimal fit around the neck.
  • The other slider locks the neck loop in place so it doesn't loosen when you walk. This makes it more secure than typical slip-on leashes.
  • Commonly used for training
  • Soft pliable polyester
  • Recommended for Medium - Large dogs
  • Diameter 0.39 in | Length 4.9 ft