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Poo Bag Dispenser | Black 2.0, Homeware, All Products

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Zee.Dog's Poop Bag Dispenser is a super practical poop bag dispenser. It's easy to pull out poop bags one-by-one through the side opening, and the dispenser holds one standard roll of poop bags. Attach the dispenser to your leash or backpack with the rope on the top so you never forget your poop bags. You can also slide your leash through the clip on the back to ensure the poop bag dispenser stays in place while you're walking your dog. Each dispenser comes with a roll of 15 compostable poop bags and refills can be found here.


  • Ultra-sturdy, strong, durable, lightweight poop bag dispenser.
  • The rope with a magnetic clasp on the dispenser can attach to most leashes and can even be attached to your bag/backpack when you're on the go.
  • The custom-designed clip on the back of the dispenser is designed to stay in place once attached to your leash and doesn't move around while you walk.
  • Easily pull out a single poop bag through the side opening
  • The dispenser fits a standard roll of 15 poop bags. When the roll is done, just use the dispenser's screw-on cap to refill and get going quickly.
  • Each dispenser comes with one roll of 15 poop bags.


  • 3.8 in (H) x 1.6 in (W)